Bacon & Fabric The Beginning

Thank you all for the love & support !
Today I am going to share my revelations inspirations & dreams with you!
Are you ready for this ????

cuz I'm about to blow oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.  Ke$ha : )
So last year watching the Mtv Music video awards
I got inspired to create two different kinds of earrings.
Both were inspired in part by two of Lady Gaga's dresses.
At the time I thought she was having fun with fabrics
between the red lace dress &  the meat inspired dress!
My mind was blown!!!!

I thought fabric that looks like meat was soo cool & what a great idea
I learned that it was real meat and not fabric 
Then I was mortified!


I mean that it was supposed to be shocking and gross and creative
but its also a gross waste & disrespectful. 
But it gave me the idea to make elaborate long lacy colorful fabric earrings
I think it is the step in fashion on the runway & the red carpet!!!
The earrings would become just as intricate and fabric oriented
as the cloths in the fashion industry my dream is that one day
when some one asks "who are you wearing?" talking about the earrings
they will respond "Earcandie by Gwynne" : )
The fabric concept was also inspired in part by Feathers
I saw an interview with Ke$ha where she had feather earrings on 
They looked like part of her hair & it was soo awesome looking
but feathers became so popular so fast & too accessible.

My solution to the feather craze is Fabric its also big light long and colorful.
This winter on the board walk in Venice there were feathers every where
but I was the only person selling fabric earrings : )

My solution to the meat dress was laminating Bacon Bandaids 
to make earrings that make a fun fashion statement 

that doesn't have to involve actual meat.


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