Great Expectations!

  Getting creative with MAKE UP!!!  I was going threw my make up
  getting rid of old stuff but instead of throwing it away I put in in
  my art box!!!!  I love the 90's Adaption of  Charles Dickens 
  Great ExpectationsThere is a part in the movie where  
  Finn is made to draw a portrait with eyeliner and lipstick...
  So ever since that I love to use old make up to draw with!!!
  All the Art work in the Movie was actually by an amazing 
 artist  Francesco Clemente. I love his work because its so 
 expressive I love portraits but I have never been good 
 a proportions & he embraces' & accentuates that in 
  his work. So if you have some old make up try drawing some 
 portraits I drew a few faces including one of my kitty!!!!!!

This is the begging stages of my kitty portrait !

This is the final product! 

I love drawing half faces tho I try & do full face I still love just a half!!

This is my Little Miss Kitty 

These are some Names I am considering for her to tell me what you think
Thumper bc she has big Bunny Feet !
Stella or Estella From Great Expectations/ Street Car Name Desire 
Cosset Eponine Fatine Les Miserable 
Astride From White Oleander
Eliza Dolittle My fair Lady 
Alphaba from Wicked 
Scout To kill a Mocking bird 
Fera Ione Olivia Portia Mila Mia 
Tipper Francine Silvie Figaro Bruce 
Ugg IDK she is too cute & pretty! 


Pich and Roor said...

Gwynne these are awesome!!!!

Carlis & Katya said...

OMG! Seriously awesome! We loooooooooooove that movie too, I will never look at old make up the same! hahahah such a creative way to express your self. Hope to see you soon!
We vote for THUMPER! hahah

Ear Candie said...

Aw you two are soo sweet! I love the movie the soundtrack and I have a funny story I will have to tell you next time I see you. Yes thumper is so perfect bc she really has big bunny feet but I ended up naming her
Eponine Eliza Lyons hahah

Ear Candie said...

Oh and Thanks Waverly! I def thought of you when I was making these bc I know how much you love make up!

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