National Bohemian Earrings

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Natty Boh Earrings!!!!

I was given a bag of Natty Boh promotion key chains and told to make 
earrings out of them. Thats exactly what I did & it was a lot of fun.
The Natty Boh heads are light weight and made out of rubber, 
and meant for caping your key to distinguish it or give it flare. 
I like the look of the floating iconic head. It definitely changes the 
dynamic and appearance of the fabric earring and how they hang.
The way I attached most of them was by pulling a piece of fabric 
threw the eye hole in the back and tying a knot. For a little history 
on National Bohemian, Baltimore's signature beer click here!

Natty Boh Bottle Cap Earrings!

I was commissioned to do a custom order. I was asked to make
Natty Boh  bottle cap earrings as a present for the clients wife. 
They both love the little riddles on the inside of the caps.

Natty Boh Hunt 

This was always a special time of year at SMCM
because the annual National Bohemian beer hunt.
It's an unofficial tradition for the seniors to spray paint 
bunch of Natty Boh's and hid them throughout the campus 
for the underclassmen to find. I provided the spray paint
and a tarp but unfortunately I had to work so I didn't get to 
part take in the fun but I least I got to contribute!!!!! 


Pich and Roor said...

Congrats, my little Celebrity!!

reginag said...

I like that Freddi mercury keychain.

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