National Bohemian Earrings

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Natty Boh Earrings!!!!

I was given a bag of Natty Boh promotion key chains and told to make 
earrings out of them. Thats exactly what I did & it was a lot of fun.
The Natty Boh heads are light weight and made out of rubber, 
and meant for caping your key to distinguish it or give it flare. 
I like the look of the floating iconic head. It definitely changes the 
dynamic and appearance of the fabric earring and how they hang.
The way I attached most of them was by pulling a piece of fabric 
threw the eye hole in the back and tying a knot. For a little history 
on National Bohemian, Baltimore's signature beer click here!

Natty Boh Bottle Cap Earrings!

I was commissioned to do a custom order. I was asked to make
Natty Boh  bottle cap earrings as a present for the clients wife. 
They both love the little riddles on the inside of the caps.

Natty Boh Hunt 

This was always a special time of year at SMCM
because the annual National Bohemian beer hunt.
It's an unofficial tradition for the seniors to spray paint 
bunch of Natty Boh's and hid them throughout the campus 
for the underclassmen to find. I provided the spray paint
and a tarp but unfortunately I had to work so I didn't get to 
part take in the fun but I least I got to contribute!!!!! 


I couldn't bear to get rid of my old flats even though
they were falling apart. So I decided I might as well
 throw some paint on it hahaha! That seems to be my
solution to everything these days and I am usually 
happy about the outcome...except when a bucket 
of white house paint spilled in my car and gave my 
gave my back seat and favorite Jacket a new look!
That was a disaster I don't recommend it! Though
I do recommend saving your worn out flats bc if you
don't want to Jackson Pollock  paint them there are
 other options. Putting a bow on them for instance. 
my next shoe project I want to attach one of my 
grandma's antique belt buckles to the toe. I think that
 will be so much fun! I can't wait to try it ! So as
per usual, stay posted bc I never know when I will
get to it bc I am overwhelmed with creative projects!
But thats how I like it! Better to have to much
 inspiration than not enough! 

The before picture

The painting process . I used acrylics & nail polish & some spray paint !

Be sure to paint on or spray a coat of polyurethane on or some kind of sealant
 before wearing them. To make the paint job last as long as possible 

You can always add more paint later or if it wears off

OMG SHOES haha I know its old but I love it!!!


Went to a screening a few weeks ago for The new HBO show Girls!
It was hosted at The Dunes in Columbia Heights. I walked there
from my new house in DC!!! Thats right I live in DC now &
can walk & metro and bike & be the city girl I was always meant
to be haha.
The Show is written and Directed by Lena Dunham & produced
 by Judd Apatow. It is absolutely amazing! They showed us the first two
episodes & it was way grittier then I thought it was going to be. It
had more of the Bristish show skins feeling then it did sex in the city
which I prefer, tho I love Sex in The City I am glad this show isn't
as cheesy & opted out of the self involved pun loving narration of
Carrie Bradshaw.

 I love & can relate to the characters on Girls bc
it definatly addresses issues that young adults of my generation are
dealing with & dose so in a dark humor like Sick Sad World kind of
stuff you can laugh at. The show premiers Sunday, April 15 at 10:30 p.m on HB0

Pictures from the event & an outfit post  are coming sooooon!

Fabric Galore

So  I organized my studio a few weeks ago...
Sadly only to unorganized it all in a day of getting
too creative. Oh well, it was fun and it inspired me!
I have a lot of fabric that I have accumulated over
the years but it's bulky and takes up so much space! 
So my goal is to use as much of it as possible in the
best ways possible. After Organizing everything into
color coordinated bins I decided to make curtains & 
yoga bags as my first two projects to put my materials 
to good use. I think I am going to put the yoga bags on
etsy. They turned out better then I would have guessed
so keep your eye out for those. The curtains however
are all mine for my new beautiful house in DC!!!!!!!

Imagine how many fabric earrings I can make out of all  of this!

Under the SEA!!!

Love this Night Gown! I had just learned how to make
A sock monkey when I saw it in the little girls section
At target. Yes that’s right I used to shop in the little girls
Section at target. I altered it a little to make it look less
Girly haha. I just love under water stuff. I don’t know if
It started because of The Little Mermaid or what but I am
always a sucker for underwater themes…
For example I love the movie Waterworld! I have the
Soundtrack to Flipper! I love underwater levels in video
games even though I'm not good at them & may favorite
toys growing up where always the water themed ones!!!!!
Can't wait for it to be summer!!! So I can swim all the time!

          Earrings -Ear Candie
                              Sock Monkey-Hand made by ME

For more pictures click here!

DIY Monkey Sock Monkey !!!

Marmoset Love 

I was inspired by Katherine's love of monkeys 
to get back into my love of making sock monkey's!
I learned how to make sock monkeys years ago at
The visionary art museum's Sock Monkey Saturday!
 I held onto the directions & made sock monkey's 
for almost all my friends & family members.

How to make A Sock Monkey or 
Monkey sock Monkey as I like to call  them. 

Materials needed
Sheet of Directions 
1 pair of socks
needle & thread
2 buttons

                                               Step 1
Take the pair of socks
1st sock will be the legs & body
2nd Sock with be everything else
Take your maker & outline where to
cut the socks to get the shapes you will need
as seen in direction sheet Below.

These are dress socks and a little long so I cut the
tube part of the socks... you can use them for wrist bands haha

Step 2
Cut out the piece

Step 3 
Now that you have all your pieces
 you want to turn them inside out 
so you can sow the edges together.
It's like making a sock out piece  
Remember to always leave a hole 
that is big enough to put stuffing in
& big enough to flip the pieces inside out

Step 4
After you have Sowed the pieces &
flipped them to the seam faces inside.
You can stuff them all!
With this example I kept the sock right side out
when I sowed because I liked the inside design!
                                             Step 5
Now you can put the monkey together!
For me the hardest part is the mouth. Because
its hard to hold it in place with the stuffing & 
sow while making sure it's not crooked. 

Also a key factor is knowing how
 much stuffing to put in a sock monkey 
 if you don't put enough stuffing in 
the arms they will be limp : (  but putting
 too much stuffing can make it harder
 to sow & the monkey will have stiff arms.
Don't forget to sow your monkeys eyes on!

Step 6 
Now you have a new Friend!! have a new present for a friend!!!

OR!!! You have a new friend for your other friends! 

The two on the right are made from tights that I had when
was little. Thats why their legs are so long haha!!

This is a good video to watch if you want some more
help making the perfect Sock marmoset!  

Quit Monkeying Around!!!

Curious George lament 39 cent stamp
 Monkey Earrings!!!!!