DIY Monkey Sock Monkey !!!

Marmoset Love 

I was inspired by Katherine's love of monkeys 
to get back into my love of making sock monkey's!
I learned how to make sock monkeys years ago at
The visionary art museum's Sock Monkey Saturday!
 I held onto the directions & made sock monkey's 
for almost all my friends & family members.

How to make A Sock Monkey or 
Monkey sock Monkey as I like to call  them. 

Materials needed
Sheet of Directions 
1 pair of socks
needle & thread
2 buttons

                                               Step 1
Take the pair of socks
1st sock will be the legs & body
2nd Sock with be everything else
Take your maker & outline where to
cut the socks to get the shapes you will need
as seen in direction sheet Below.

These are dress socks and a little long so I cut the
tube part of the socks... you can use them for wrist bands haha

Step 2
Cut out the piece

Step 3 
Now that you have all your pieces
 you want to turn them inside out 
so you can sow the edges together.
It's like making a sock out piece  
Remember to always leave a hole 
that is big enough to put stuffing in
& big enough to flip the pieces inside out

Step 4
After you have Sowed the pieces &
flipped them to the seam faces inside.
You can stuff them all!
With this example I kept the sock right side out
when I sowed because I liked the inside design!
                                             Step 5
Now you can put the monkey together!
For me the hardest part is the mouth. Because
its hard to hold it in place with the stuffing & 
sow while making sure it's not crooked. 

Also a key factor is knowing how
 much stuffing to put in a sock monkey 
 if you don't put enough stuffing in 
the arms they will be limp : (  but putting
 too much stuffing can make it harder
 to sow & the monkey will have stiff arms.
Don't forget to sow your monkeys eyes on!

Step 6 
Now you have a new Friend!! have a new present for a friend!!!

OR!!! You have a new friend for your other friends! 

The two on the right are made from tights that I had when
was little. Thats why their legs are so long haha!!

This is a good video to watch if you want some more
help making the perfect Sock marmoset!  

Quit Monkeying Around!!!

Curious George lament 39 cent stamp
 Monkey Earrings!!!!!


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