Under the SEA!!!

Love this Night Gown! I had just learned how to make
A sock monkey when I saw it in the little girls section
At target. Yes that’s right I used to shop in the little girls
Section at target. I altered it a little to make it look less
Girly haha. I just love under water stuff. I don’t know if
It started because of The Little Mermaid or what but I am
always a sucker for underwater themes…
For example I love the movie Waterworld! I have the
Soundtrack to Flipper! I love underwater levels in video
games even though I'm not good at them & may favorite
toys growing up where always the water themed ones!!!!!
Can't wait for it to be summer!!! So I can swim all the time!

          Earrings -Ear Candie
                              Sock Monkey-Hand made by ME

For more pictures click here!


Jeff Duca said...

Your writers are enormously large.
Specialist in jewelry

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