Fabric Galore

So  I organized my studio a few weeks ago...
Sadly only to unorganized it all in a day of getting
too creative. Oh well, it was fun and it inspired me!
I have a lot of fabric that I have accumulated over
the years but it's bulky and takes up so much space! 
So my goal is to use as much of it as possible in the
best ways possible. After Organizing everything into
color coordinated bins I decided to make curtains & 
yoga bags as my first two projects to put my materials 
to good use. I think I am going to put the yoga bags on
etsy. They turned out better then I would have guessed
so keep your eye out for those. The curtains however
are all mine for my new beautiful house in DC!!!!!!!

Imagine how many fabric earrings I can make out of all  of this!


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