Went to a screening a few weeks ago for The new HBO show Girls!
It was hosted at The Dunes in Columbia Heights. I walked there
from my new house in DC!!! Thats right I live in DC now &
can walk & metro and bike & be the city girl I was always meant
to be haha.
The Show is written and Directed by Lena Dunham & produced
 by Judd Apatow. It is absolutely amazing! They showed us the first two
episodes & it was way grittier then I thought it was going to be. It
had more of the Bristish show skins feeling then it did sex in the city
which I prefer, tho I love Sex in The City I am glad this show isn't
as cheesy & opted out of the self involved pun loving narration of
Carrie Bradshaw.

 I love & can relate to the characters on Girls bc
it definatly addresses issues that young adults of my generation are
dealing with & dose so in a dark humor like Sick Sad World kind of
stuff you can laugh at. The show premiers Sunday, April 15 at 10:30 p.m on HB0

Pictures from the event & an outfit post  are coming sooooon!


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