I couldn't bear to get rid of my old flats even though
they were falling apart. So I decided I might as well
 throw some paint on it hahaha! That seems to be my
solution to everything these days and I am usually 
happy about the outcome...except when a bucket 
of white house paint spilled in my car and gave my 
gave my back seat and favorite Jacket a new look!
That was a disaster I don't recommend it! Though
I do recommend saving your worn out flats bc if you
don't want to Jackson Pollock  paint them there are
 other options. Putting a bow on them for instance. 
my next shoe project I want to attach one of my 
grandma's antique belt buckles to the toe. I think that
 will be so much fun! I can't wait to try it ! So as
per usual, stay posted bc I never know when I will
get to it bc I am overwhelmed with creative projects!
But thats how I like it! Better to have to much
 inspiration than not enough! 

The before picture

The painting process . I used acrylics & nail polish & some spray paint !

Be sure to paint on or spray a coat of polyurethane on or some kind of sealant
 before wearing them. To make the paint job last as long as possible 

You can always add more paint later or if it wears off

OMG SHOES haha I know its old but I love it!!!


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