Holiday Emergency !

So I  spent the day after Christmas really sick I couldn't eat anything
or hold down water. I had a sharp pain on the right side of my stomach
so they were worried about my appendix. My patents rushed me to the
emergency room & it's all a little hazy from there. I remember they couldn't
get my blood pressure & I was so pale & clammy the nurses followed me
into the bathroom when I said I was going to be sick. After that I know they
took blood which grosses me out beyond belief because for me thats the worse
part!!! I was passed out in a bed for most of it after that but I know they did a cat
scan to make sure my appendix wasn't going to burst but it felt like
it was all a dream, I barely remember having to hold my arms up straight and hold
my breath but I did. I was pumped with fluids and pain meds so I was mostly
unconscious for the 5 hours I was there. My whole family was there with me
supporting me & piled all their coats on top of me when they saw that I was having
chills ! YOu can't ask for much more than that So thank you Mom Dad & Casey!
I might not have survived if it wasn't for them who knows I might have been a
goner in my own pile of puke ewwwwww Oh and my poor cat would have been
an orphan all over again : ( I have been sleeping almost all day except for catching
up on a few favorite tv show's Gossip Girl, Once upon A Time, Two Broke Girls
I still feel sick I have been able to keep what little food I have been eating down
but my stomach still hurts & they don't know what's wrong with me it was not
my appendix thanks goodness bc I couldn't handle surgery!! or a scar that would
effect my bikini body this summer!!! NOt to mention I think they cut your cloths
off when they rush you into surgery & I would hate to loose my favorite pair of
sweatpants to the cutting room floor. I am going to see my regular Dr. tomorrow
I hope to get more answers but until then here are some photos my brother took of
me passed out with all their jackets on top of me and another picture they took after
I woke up. They are pretty funny. This kinda stuff never happens in my family so
when it does I guess I might as well blog about it! Here's hoping its just a 48 hour
bug flu or some thing else that is hopefully not contagious bc I would hate for any
one else to have to go through this. XOXOXOXxoxoxox thanks for reading!!!!!!

My face looks pretty rough but my nails look nice !



fox flash said...

You should have called me Gwynney! I would have come to keep you company and watch bad TV with you!

Ear Candie said...

aww you are so sweet I would have loved that but I don't want to expose you to my germs & I mostly slept all day not to mention I need to shower like woh miss you !!

Nakia Durant said...

awww hunny, I hope you feel better! :(

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