Venice Art Crawl

Venice Art Crawl! It was so fun being in Venice for the night it was like being
 homesick & going home. I came early to visit some of my favorite store's like Fabric Planet
 and Gotta Have it . But I finally made it to my first VAC ! & it exceeded my expectations 
I met sooo many amazing people & lots of really talented artists. I had such a great time! 
The beach was cloudy so I helped set up w/Sunny Bak Rick Duncan

Sunny's House 

            Isabelle Alford-Lago
I had the pleasure of meeting Isabelle & her Gorilla's before the 
Art Crawl started. I love  her work right down to her business card! 
For more images and info read this interview with her for A&O PR! 

Theresa  Holiday 

 Carissa Wong Photography





               Peter Padmapuzzo Thompson
Seeing this painting was an Uncanny Expirence. I have read 
Perkins Gilman for a few different classes one of them being 
an American Gothic Literature Class by Chritine Whooly  !!!   
All the illustrations were great I was sorry I didn't take
 more pictures! They were ondisplay at Figtree's Cafe.

Jim Morrison & Charlie Chaplin House on The beach!

Laura Albright

                                The Art of Chase 
I was drawn to Marielle's
Shoes but & then realized
I loved her whole outfit
right down to the white gloves! 

I was surrounded by beautiful art & then I turned the corner & saw
these amazing tattoos & I had to take a picture of Persia with her
backless shirt because she was stunning. (she was so sweet to say yes)
I of course am the clueless out of towner just taking pictures for my 
fashion blog not even knowing who I am taking pictures of but I did 
my research after the fact so thanks to everyone for putting up with me 
& my camera. I am glad my fashion sense led me to nice genuine people !

Last but not least we ended our night listening to Rachel's 
amazing voice & beautiful songs. When she opened up with
 Edie Brickell & New Bohemians  I was about to cry not just 
because the very content of the song is sentimental but bc it's 
a song from a sentimental time in my life that resembles 
what I am currently going through all over again. But 
hearing Rachel sing the song gave me goosebumps & the 
lyrics registered in a whole different light! I felt inspired 
instead of sad! Its all about reclaiming the things you used 
to share or associate with some one else you give it new 
meaning new memories with a different perspective : )


So needless to say I had a great time at the VACmiss living on the beach!
 and selling my earrings so I hope I get to move back to LA soon & be a part 
of the community again!  Its such a great opportunity and a really nice feeling
 to be part of it for a night!

I even skated on the boardwalk for the first time!!! I thought I would never set 
foot on another skateboard again but my friend convinced me it would be easier 
to get around to all the different pop up galleries. Not only was it easier it was soo 
much fun cruising around the beach at night! I set foot on my first long board
which is pretty nice but instilled shame made me trade it out for fear of some one
 I know seeing me hahhaha!

I also met some of the girls that work for Venice Paparazzi including Rachel !


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