Birthday Wishes !

I just want to say thanks to my wonderful Family !!!
They have been putting up with a lot & have helped 
me soo much I can not thank them Enough!!!!!!!!!
Also thanks to my Beautiful wonderful Friends!!!!!
All your love and support means the world to me!!
I am soo lucky to have so many people in my life 
that I love & care about care about & love me!! 

    So Onto my Birthday Wishes!!! Where to start!

1. I want more Blog Followers haha so get your friends 
    family pets anything to follow me please haha !!!!!
    Oh & maybe like my facebook page & be in my circle
    on etsy & follow me on twitter thats all not a big D right?

2. If you want to in my good graces for life send me some
    JC Lita Platform boots ! That Jeffery Campbell just to be
   clear!! Or if you just want me to be happy send them 
   anonymously if there is a birthday godmother & I hope there
   is  there will be a pair of these on my door step next week haha

3. To get drunk tonight & Dance & not get sick or hung over ; )


Last but not least I wish that the Birthday fairy godmother makes
sure that everyone has some one in life or is with some that likes
doing nice things for them & is giving them the attention love
& affection & attention they deserve! Bc every one needs that
especially on their birthday! Without birthdays we wouldn't exist !


This I my Present to myself  when I have to wait to get my own apartment!

I don't care it I only have makeup this vanity a mattress my cat
Some sparkly dresses I am getting this vanity! I have wanted it
for years and before I found this one I wanted one just like it 
since I was old enough to know what a vanity was hahah!!!!

I alway listen to this song on my Birthday for obvi reasons but
also bc in the middle he says "you my little capricorn kid... thats
me & proceeds to talk about his daughter growing up into a lady"
This song & Steavie Wonder Happy Birthday To You!!


Victoria said...

happy Birthday, girl!

syft0-9 said...

:) good deal mommas


the shoes are fierce!!!

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