Put Some Paint on it !

         So disappointed in the 2011 VMA's !!!
             Last year it gave me so many great ideas
             But this year I got nothing  out of it : (

             Its okay though BC I have been looking
             at etsy & old clothing catalogs for
             some inspiration.  So I saw this pair of 
             Painted Leggings & I really liked them.

      So I got a pair of my old Ballet tights & I....
                    Put some Paint on them !
                  I did three experiments with  
              3 different kinds of paint !


    I used paint pens on the first pair !
They are fun colorful and less mess!


 The second pair I used water color paints
I wanted to cover more space 
& make  splash patterns like a 
Jackson Pollock painting  !!!!!!!


For the last pair.............
You will have to check back in
tomorrow bc they are not done yet ! 
If you like to put paint on things!
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Pich and Roor said...

omg what an awesome idea! I love them & can't wait to see the last one!!

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