Re Cap

 I wanted to do a little recap on my outfit !
 I was saving the Calivin Klein Dress for 
a special occasion and that is just what I used it for. 
I used the belt from the dress as a headband. 
The purse is from cute Boutique Principessa in venice CA
they had a $10 bin I could never say no to!!! 
The tights I did a blog post about awhile back.
 It was a fun project! The earrings are Band aid ear candie 
earrings they are up on Etsy now!!!!
 & The shoes are Wet Seal! I love their heels
I have them in almost every color!!!!!!

 Can you see The Fantasy perfume bottle in the mix ?

I made this ring the other day and I was just my luck it matched 

My grandma gave me this bracelet for my birthday its about as old as me!


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