Buffalo Exchange

Today  I was supposed to make the trip home!!!
Well I was supposed to make it ot DC last night for
The Capp Fabb Event Last night but either way my
car battery had died at some point over the last few
days so I was not able to go any where! I took the
metro to Buffalo Exchange since I couldn't drive.
It was so fun! I sold some stuff got a pair of
black high wasted pants that I have been wanting
for a while now! I also Tried on this awesome black
and white shirt but it had not shoulder room  : (
I sold a bunch of Stuff so I got the pants & some
money for the Tolls on the way home!!! I also
Met Marty who works there! I loved her outfit &
her earrings. She is has lots of vintage clothing to
sell on etsy so when she gets her shop up & running
I will post the Link!!!



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