Glam Soup -DIY

Thanks so much To Glam Soup for the feature! It was so much fun
having you over to my little studio & doing my first video tutorial : )
These were the first batch of Puzzle earrings I made & documented the
processes. It was such a blast getting so messy! Making what I like to call
Jackson Pollock  earrings w/ a glitter nail-polish twist ! I always think of
earrings & Jewelry as art but it was nice to have a literal canvas.
You know me, the bigger the brighter the better!  So Bc these earrings
are double sided & so unique I added a necklace clasp so that you can
switch sides depending on your outfit or mood! Its so much fun so go
thrifting & buy a puzzle! Use up someold paint & nail polish &
go crazy...but be sure to do it in a big space out side or a place with fans
& windows because the fumes can be overwhelming so say the least
& you don't want to knock yourself out literally. Thanks for reading!!!!!















Pich and Roor said...

Awww you look adorable!! & those earrings turned out really cute :) PS:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Fashionably Broke said...

These are AWESOME! Must make! Thanks for sharing :)


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