So Yes I went to NYC from Philly on a Megabus @2:40am
to stand in line on the last day of open auditions for  The GLEE PROJECT 
I have no desire to be on Reality Television but the winner of this
show gets to be on a REAL show... GLEE and thats what my
motivation was hahaha that and WHY F*#k NOT ; )

I didn't get in Line till about 6:00am bc I had to find a kinko's that was open
& I did. It wasn't cold standing in line until the sun came up which was strange
I made some really cute friends that were in front of me in the line tho we didn't
get to Audition together (sigh) & there was no interview processes it was just get
up there and sing your 16 bars and get out hahaha I was done with the whole
processes by 10am !

But thats okay because it gave me an excuse to come to NEW YORK CITY!
It gave me the opertunity to do something random and spontaneous and take
silly pictures in the streets of New York and pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw 
for a day!!!! & most importantly it got me out of my comfort zone !!!

Don't worry mom the Cig was just for the photo shoot !
After we were done with this Ryan & I caught a cab to 
Chelsea to Grab brunch at Cafeteria  where the coffee
was hot but the severs where even hotter!!! Get it I was
trying to blog like Carrie would but sounds more like
a PC Samantha oh well. They go here in Sex in the city btw!!!!!
Ryan kept throwing his green eggs and ham scraps on the ground
so peoples dogs would come over and visit it us hahahaha!!!!!!!!!
We also weren't just drinking OJ if you know what I mean : ) I had
my water bottle marked with a V on it for occasions much like this!
Then we saw cute puppies and they broke my heart & I missed my 
little kitty... !  oh speaking of cute puppies everyone in line got to meet 
Damian from The Glee Project who is now on GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He seems so sweet and genuine & always had my vote so it was really

fun to see him in person and he was soo nice to all the girls gleeking out!
Sorry the picture quality on this is bad need to get a new point & Shoot 

I love you NYC!! Thanks for all the fun adventure oh yeah .... 
SO on the Megabus ride home I had a near Before Sunrise experience but 
he was far too young. Great conversation though we talked for two hours 
in line and two hours on the ride home... the busses were running late. 
Ironically he had just gotten back from San Fransico where he couch surfed 
and went out every night until he got sick of it and decided to come home, 
get a job & finish school. So while he was too young for me it sounds 
like he will make some other girl really happy!!! 


Pich and Roor said...

aww what a wonderful trip it sounds like it was just what you needed!! You look beautiful & I wish you the BEST of luck :)

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