LA Ladies Night Out!!

I had a great time with my Girlfriends in LA
Thanks for taking me out on the town!!!!!!

We went to a few other bars but this is the only one
know the name of bc I took a picture of it haha

It was SO much fun getting together with The beautiful Jessica!
who recently moved to LA from DC!  I loved having an
 east coast friend show me around a bit!

This is GO GO the cutest lil princess puppy to ever move to LA

 It was a blast meeting up with the lovely ladies 

 I met last year through Feed A Model!!! From the left.
 Linsdsey is an amazing photographer The Two Jessica's 
are both new to LA & I just met the one of the left.

Melody is my 

Model friend NBD! She invited me to one of the 

art nights that they host where i met christina who is another 

east coast beauty ! Thet are a big part of why I love LA!!!

Comedy night at the Bru Haus was a lot of Fun!!!
Everyone was so good but I especially liked Sarah Tiana
The world def needs more female comedians to help us 
make light of the BS we have to go through!! I love her 
voice so even if she wasn't funny I would still listen to any
thing she would say or laugh about. I also Loved that she
did a causal Lunge in the middle of her act it was great!!

Sorry I don't know how to turn my video around U can
watch it on Facebook right side up! I love this bit
wish I had gotten the hole thing. Terms that guys love
to use can't wait to buy it on itunes when its available!
I bought the last CD and I love it the fact that there is a
track entitled Dady made me so happy hahah!!!!!!


Pich and Roor said...

OMG you skinny little model you look amazing!!! Come back to me :) Can't wait to hang out when we get back!

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