Brunch Zumba Extravaganza

Last Sunday Spicy Candy hosted a wonderful Brunch
Sponsored by One Medical &  Comme Coco
Teamed up with them to host a zumbathon @ MINT
Gym! It was such a great productive day with lots of
healthy food! Yola provided us with delisious smoothies
and yogurt after the Zumba Class which was amazing!

Krystin Be loud Be You! 

Got to meet Carla From TPWP 

I got my first Teaching experience Elena 
let me step in for Two songs & it was so fun!
She has great energy & was totally inspireing!! 


J.Jehanne said...

Thanks for posting this and Im so happy you had a great time! Cant wait till you have your own Zumba class :)


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