Food & Thanks

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!  I want to 
share highlights from The Way of the Heron  I found so much 
comfort and relevance in this insight. This is basically 
my New Years resolution for everyday life and well being !

Resolve all differences with friends and family. Make peace with others.

•Finish all unfinished projects, within reason; plan your time carefully so that 
this is possible. Work diligently toward clearing away all unfinished business, 
both emotionally and economically.

•Get your house in order. Give away what you don't need.

•Bring your level of creature expectations to an absolute minimum. Take that
 yardstick of status and cut it down to 6 inches, then an inch, then nothing, 
until you are happy with bread and water, the sun and the moon and stars. 
When you are dependent on outer comforts and stimulation for happiness, 
then others can take it from you.  SOO TRUE !!!

•Stop fighting with yourself, defending yourself against others. Just be — 
be in the present place and time.

•Work on becoming fearless of death so that you live purposefully rather
 than reactively. Be calm.

•Keep an open mind and don't assume anything.

Thanks For my wonderful family for all the love & support I know
how Lucky I am! Also Thanks for putting up with this family photo
hahah I love it because it looks like the cover of a sitcom or Drama : )

Last But not least I am so THANKFUL for my precious kitty Eponine !!!
She is the most beautiful rewarding gift and I am sooo grateful to have her !
Without trying to get to crazy cat lady but defiantly doing so haha by 
quoting Jewel "She was meant for me and I was meant for her !!!!!!" 
All I know is the day I saw this little kitty on my back porch my 
heart grew and being responsible for her has been a dream come true!!

Thanks to friends, bloggers, & readers for the constant love support & Inspiration!


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