I Love NYC

Last weekend I got to go to NEW YORK CITY for the NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to NYC last Saturday @ 2:40 am I will tell you why in my next post.
I am still to embarrassed so for now I will share the good stuff : )

I got to see the Guggenheim!!!!! I have been to the  Guggenheim in Bilbao 
which was a dream come true for me. I think its the most beautiful
building in the world because it feels and looks so unreal and fantastical.
So going to the one in NYC was like... its about time. I imditely thought of
the movie The International because there is a big shoot out in that movie in the
museum. You can see that they are in it on the movie poster.

The exhibit Maurizio Cattelan was intense but I liked it. 
The dead horse hanging from the middle of the ceiling felt 
like something out of the newest season of Dexter.
I got a post card of the suicidal squirrel the saddest cutest bizarrely
humorous instillation. I am so happy I can check that off my list!!!

After the Guggenheim my friend Sarah and her friend Clint & I walked threw
central park which was beautiful. I saw the ice rink and lots of weddings
were going on. It was so fun to be in the middle of something so big because
 there are endless things to look at!

Sarah her friends and I went out that night.. I have never really partied in
Brooklyn before. We went to Lucky Dog  and I had the best Cranberry &
vodka's ever!!! I had lots of them thanks to Sarah haha. We ended the
night at Metropolitan  dancing & talking about gay things hahahahaha
pun intended...well we really ended the night with spicy falafel balls : )      


So this was by far the best time I have ever had in NEW YORK
besides getting kicked out of Avalon when I was 18. But I just want
to thank you Sarah for being an awesome host!  For sharing your
bed your beautiful apartment and most important your Etch & Elliot

Okay I will share the link below and you will know what I went
to NYC for besides having the time of my life with Sarah.....
I really didn't want to make this video and I thought I had to, to
audition but apparently I didn't have to  but I had a fun time doing
it after all! Thanks to Ryan and Abe for helping me get threw this process : )
please enjoy my humiliation hahah!


Ryan said...

Ok! I love the blood red post with our blood red courtney pics, i love your buffalo exchange adventure, and i LOVE the top picture of you in the NYC post. So effing good!

Also! Your earrings and jewlery are soooo great! Thank you for the necklaces and things that I got from you!

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